Super Luxury Homes

Depending on your information source, you will get a different answer to the question of what can be classified as a luxury home. The greatest difference in definitions is between countries; however, there seems to be agreement regarding the upper end of homes.

Homes that are unquestionably luxurious, are worth tens of millions of dollars or more. They have incredible amenities, professional landscaping and property planning, and are generally massive in size with ten or more bedrooms. These homes are advertised nationally and internationally. Real estate agents for these properties have additional responsibilities involving trusts, attorneys, and anonymity issues.

No one seems to question that these homes, often owned by extremely wealthy and usually famous people, are luxurious. In fact, these homes should be called “super luxury” homes to differentiate them from other high end homes.

In an entirely different class, the other group of luxury homes, are advertised locally. Property in the US that is valued at over a million dollars is usually considered luxury real estate. Consumers in high socio-economic groups are the target for these properties.

This second group of homes may have features such as wet bars, designer kitchens, wine cellars, theatre seating, in-ground pools, security systems, professional landscaping, heated floors, and tennis courts. These homes are generally larger than average with good locations, amenities, property entries, and entertainment capabilities.

Luxury homes tend to have entertainment rooms with features such as built in seating and high end, up-to-date technology for the best movie watching experiences. Designer kitchens are also very trendy in high end homes with features such as custom paneling for appliances, extra under-the-counter refrigerators or beverage centers, and wine bars that fit among the kitchen pantry and other storage cabinets. Designer kitchens also include granite countertops, high end fixtures, customized storage drawers, and pullout pantries.

There’s no question that this second group of homes are also desirable homes to live in. However, are they really in the same class as homes in Beverly Hills which are also called luxury homes?

In both groups of homes, location, amenities, property entry, entertainment capability, and landscaping are considered. Most luxury homes offer a combination of desirable natural elements such as ocean proximity, views, or climate, and professionally designed landscaping and architecture. But really, if a 1.2 million dollar, lakefront home with a dock and a swimming pool is a luxury home, then Mariah Carey’s home must be a “super luxury” home.

If you are unsure how to categorize your home, your best bet is to talk to an Accredited Luxury Home Specialist (ALHS). Real estate agents with this specialty are knowledgeable about national luxury home trends, luxury buyer and seller needs, and the development of unique high level services.

Buying A Luxury Home

Living in luxury is something everyone craves for but only a few can afford. People work for hours on end become a workaholic just to achieve their dream of a luxury life. Be it a new BMW or a grand home everything that is expensive can be put in the category of a luxury life. If you cannot actually enjoy a luxury life then there is no point of working hard. Likewise if you are rich and yet lead a simple life what is the point of all the money in those bank lockers? Get yourself a life something which can be termed as luxury. Luxury homes are something which most people spend millions on. It is a passion which has craved through ages and which in turn paves the path for many in the field of interior decoration and luxury home related works.

Now if you understand what a luxury home is you will also understand that it has to be a person from a very high society. To afford one of these you just don’t need from a well to do family rather from a very rich one. Now what characterizes luxury homes in different countries is really different as the way of life varies from place to place. Besides two key elements, i.e. marketing status and property value also largely depends on the geography of a place.

Few factors which are usually used to determine the value of a luxury home are views, availability of different amenities, surrounding areas and homes, waterfronts, commercialization of the place, peacefulness of the area, and lastly but in no way the least: the architectural and historical importance of the place. Remember the better these factors the more luxurious your house is considered and more is the value of the house too.

The emerging popularity of luxury homes is making its market boom like never before. He real estate market is concentrating its resources heavily on luxury homes. Companies are now even coming up with personalized magazines to reach out to their target groups.

It is usual from a luxury proper to start at a low price of a million and climb up to billions from here. You must know however that a luxury home is about the high quality of life and not about the cost involved. People who want to live a luxury life know how not to compromise on quality for prices. Also a home especially if it is a luxury home is the best possible investment in today’s economic scenario.

Many of you looking at luxury homes I am sure are more interested in sea side homes than anything else. However there are few things which you must consider before you actually buy a luxury house.
Now if you get a house on the sea shore you will need to keep in mind that sea water is saline in nature. Its influence on both the house and your cars is actually quite bad. Be it the electrical equipments or appliances everything seems to be affected by the salty breeze. Maintenance thus will be a huge requirement for houses close to the shore. Do not live in the illusion that only on stormy days will you encounter this problem coz it will be actually an everyday issue.

Remember just buying a luxury home doesn’t do wonders. Maintaining it is another challenge which you will need to keep up to. The costs involved in the maintenance will also be equally high as its costs. Bear this in mind before you actually purchase a luxury property for yourself. If you have the money to maintain a luxury property then well and goof go for it and enjoy the live VIP style.

Luxury Real Estate In South Florida: The Top Three Locations For Miami Luxury Condos

Miami luxury condos are easily one of the top real estate property options found in the South Florida region today. Their popularity has been so immense that they are numerous projects which are currently in development in order to cater to the high demand for these exceptional property options.

If you happen to be one of the many individuals who would like to purchase the most outstanding real estate property options within the region then you should look into the best locations where you can find the best luxury condos within Miami and we have provided our own compilation of what we believe to be the top three locations for Miami luxury condos that offer the most exclusive luxury options that can be found within the region today.

Bal Harbour

The upscale village of Bal Harbour is a truly pristine paradise location found on the northern section of the barrier island known as Miami Beach in South Florida. It is home to a number of high-rise residences such as the Bellini Bal Harbour, Harbour House, One Bal Harbour, and the St. Regis – all of which are found within close proximity to the village’s world-famous Bal Harbour shops where people can expect to find many designer brands, signature names, and many other options will are sure to enhance the luxury of living within such a fabulous location.

Sunny Isles

Further up north along Collins Avenue is a glamorous city that is known for being able to offer people with a world-class opportunity to indulge in sophisticated living within a setting that showcases the South Florida horizon at its best. Miami luxury condos located within the city of Sunny Isles Beach are among the most impressive condos in existence today as they are lined up along the white sand coast like gems right by the ocean. Acqualina, Jade Beach, Jade Ocean, La Perla, Trump Palace, and Trump Royale are among the best high-rise residences within the city of Sunny Isles Beach.

South Beach

Down south the stretch of Collins Avenue and along Alton Road are many superb luxury condos which are part of the South Beach neighborhood which happens to be one of the most hip and happening places within the city of Miami Beach. If you are looking to purchase Miami luxury condos in order to experience the best that South Florida has to offer then South Beach is definitely going to be one of the best options for you as you will be surrounded by an extensive selection of shopping areas, dining options, recreational choices, and a world-class selection of high-rise residences such as the 1500 Ocean Drive, Bentley Bay, Il Villaggio, Setai South Beach, and the W South Beach which are luxurious real estate property options that are guaranteed to provide you with the highest degree of luxury possible.